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My Maternity Wardrobe


Without going nuts on maternity clothes, I’ve managed to pick up some really nice things that I’m hoping will keep me going for the next 6 months. Where possible, I’m buying things that will look great after the baby is born as otherwise it seems really wasteful, and I’ve been borrowing what I can from mummy friends. Here’s what I like:

Maternity jeans 


  • I’ve found GAP does some great non-maternity V-neck baggy Ts that will go well with or without bump – a nice low V to show off new ginormous cleavage with plenty of room for growing bump and nice and long.
  • Topshop has some nice maternity T-shirts but they are 90% polyester so not great if you want skin to breathe.
  • Although a bit more expensive, and as they are tight they look better if your bump is a bit bigger, the Seraphine nursing tops are very glamorous
  • Thanks to the comments below, I’ve also recently bought the Isabella Oliver ruched tank, striped top and scoop neck top all which are gorgeous and show off my bump. Great catalogue to flick through too and they are currently doing 20% off.

The Scoop Top | Top | Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver Scoop top



  • I’ve picked up some lovely maternity dresses from Mamas & Papas on ebay (£3 each – bargain!) – love the shape as they show off your cleavage and are loose over the bump (tight doesn’t work for me).
  • The Vila and Poem collections at Oliver Bonas also include some lovely non-maternity dresses that work well with a bump.
  • I bought the gorgeous Emily dress from Isabella Oliver in wine which is really flattering and shows off my bump – now 30% off with the flash sale.
  • I love the gorgeous Asos breton stripe dress (as seen in Pregnancy & Baby magazine, my new guilty pleasure) 
  • My favourite purchases however are from JoJo Maman Bebe which seems to suit me the best – I really love my JoJo Maman Bebe essential maternity dress which I have in 2 colours (LOTS of compliments – first time ever for maternity clothes), although like lots of JoJo Maman Bebe stuff the arms are ridiculously long
  • I also love their black shift dresses, now sold out though

Essential Maternity Dresses

JoJo Maman Bebe Essential Maternity dress – ridiculously comfy & flattering



  • It seems lots of women just wear their normal coats “open” with a scarf covering bump, but I’m spending Christmas in Scotland so I’d like to get a swing coat that will cover bump and be good for normal too. JoJo Manan Bebe has some nice ones and H&M has some really nice coats at a decent price (under £40). Asos is a place to try too.

Maternity bras 

  • I’ve got the super comfy Bravado maternity and nursing bras from JoJo Maman Bebe in black and white (£25)
  • Just to keep some semblance of glamour, I got the Elle Macpherson La Mere black lace maternity bra £35 – actually lovely and comfy and doesn’t look too bad either.

Cotton Flannel Kimono Robe

Charlotte & Co dressing gowns

Nursing stuff, lazing clothes and nighties

  • I’m heading to Primark for their button down dark nighties, pants, trackie bums and vest tops.
  • I also bought this lovely nightie from Mamas & Papas
  •  And this gorgeous wrap around dressing gown from Charlotte & Co
  • Rather than nursing tops which I’ve heard mixed messages about, I’m planning just to wear shirts and vests and to perhaps pick up a mamascarf.

….BUT MY FAVOURITE PURCHASE OF THE LOT has to be, rather embarrassingly, my Just Sheepskin slippers which, I think it is not an exaggeration to say, have increased my day-to-day happiness tenfold. Oh the glamour!

8 thoughts on “My Maternity Wardrobe

  1. I love all your suggestions and I have started investing in more maternity bits now bump is starting to get huge! I love Isabella Oliver as well and New Look maternity as there are plenty of bits I would wear normally and they are very affordable!

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  3. Isabella Oliver is pricey but absoutely worth it; their camis and long tees last for the whole pregnancy and beyond and mean you can wear non-maternity sweaters etc over the top. I also recommend a lovely pair of stretch yoga pants; try to get ones with a band that you can fold down beneath your bump. They are perfect in the evening when your bump gets bigger and heavy (especially at night). Forget so-called maternity knickers; a total waste of money. I loved M&S granny pants towards the end – lovely and comfy, and good for post-birth when you need to hold in humongous sanitary towels or potentially protect caesarean scars. Not sexy, but frankly you just won’t care! X

  4. Gap skinny maternity jeans and vests in various colours were a godsend when I was prego. I have a 3 month old and although I am back in pre-prego jeans I am really missing the maternity ones – soooo comfy! Marks’ Fi great maternity tights but they only come in black. I would say don’t go mad on maternity clothes as bizarrely a lot of them don’t work when you are breast feeding. Not accessible enough.

  5. I am loving Seraphine at the moment, I have some grey skinny under bump but think I’ll need to graduate to the over the bump soon (and as a bonus they look really warm!). I’ll be checking out Gap, at the moment I have three tops in rotation that I can wear without looking like my clothes have shrunk so need some more quick!

    I must be just ahead of you but you seem way more organised…I think I’m still in denial!

    • Oh yes I liked the look of the grey skinny ones too! Have to say the over the bump are SUPER comfy and will be amazing in winter! Only thing is before you get your top on what with the over the bump and the giant preggie bra you look slightly ridiculous! Know what you mean about the rotating tops… x

  6. Thanks for the tips I have been really struggling to find decent maternity stuff, now I know where to look.

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