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20 week scan and a vertically-challenged placenta


20 week scan and baby looks perfectly happy – smiling to itself in fact – even singing? La la laaaa…

I myself aren’t doing so well. I have a low-lying placenta. Yes, I am placentally-challenged. They said don’t worry but of course I’m a pregnant hormonal woman so I cried hysterically and I’m worrying.

I have another scan at 32 weeks at which time hopefully my placenta will have sorted its shit out and moved North, otherwise its placenta praevia and caeserian (all that hypno-birthing, what a waste!), oh and the small matter of possible torrential haemorrage and blood loss. Nothing to worry about indeed.

I’m dealing with it in a mature fashion by frantically googling and obsessively checking Mumsnet forums, and eating large quantities of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but apparently over 80% of us lacking in the high-lying placenta department manage to shift it by delivery so hopefully I’ll be lucky.

In the meantime, I’m trying to relax and take it easy with The Chef who I believe you’ve now met…

5 thoughts on “20 week scan and a vertically-challenged placenta

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  2. Sorry to hear about your placenta, hopefully it will move by your next scan. Pregnancy is such a worrying time without having extra things to Google! I am going to do a hypnobirthing course this time and the lady teaching it did say that no matter what outcome your birth has, the techniques will be useful so hopefully it won’t have been a waste! x

  3. My two deliveries were totally different: great labour with the first but stubborn baby with large head so forceps, episiotomy etc at the end. Second baby was so big (11lb) I had a caesarean at 42 weeks rather than attempt labour (given huge head scenario in labour no.1!). BUT in both case I used hypno birthing techniques and loads of calm breathing, so it’s not a waste! Practice away! Labour can never be planned, rarely goes the way you expect it, and every labour is different. My advice for what it’s worth? Try to keep an open mind, think of your pregnancy in small stages rather than leaping to the end – eg I was happy to get to 24 weeks, then I thought ahead to 28, 32 etc. so many things can change – so there is no point stressing. My son was breech to 36 weeks and then turned. My daughter was in a normal presentation until the labour when she turned – the wrong way – and became ‘back to back’. Everything usually works out in the end. In the meantime, keep eating chocolate oranges 😉

  4. Love that your baby was smiling and sorry about your placenta! Now that’s something I never imagined I would find myself saying. Pregnancy is weird. I’m 16 weeks today with my first and like you it was a ‘bit’ of a shock 🙂 I’ve just blogged about whether to have the flu jab…so many decisions!

  5. Hope your placenta has travelled by the next scan, but even if you do have a section, hypno birthing is not a waste. I did courses and then had to hace an emergency section at 27 weeks and found that the hypnobirthing really helped me deal with the pain and discomfort and the fear. My little boy is now 3 and perfect!

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