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20 week scan and a vertically-challenged placenta

20 week scan and baby looks perfectly happy – smiling to itself in fact – even singing? La la laaaa…

I myself aren’t doing so well. I have a low-lying placenta. Yes, I am placentally-challenged. They said don’t worry but of course I’m a pregnant hormonal woman so I cried hysterically and I’m worrying.

I have another scan at 32 weeks at which time hopefully my placenta will have sorted its shit out and moved North, otherwise its placenta praevia and caeserian (all that hypno-birthing, what a waste!), oh and the small matter of possible torrential haemorrage and blood loss. Nothing to worry about indeed.

I’m dealing with it in a mature fashion by frantically googling and obsessively checking Mumsnet forums, and eating large quantities of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but apparently over 80% of us lacking in the high-lying placenta department manage to shift it by delivery so hopefully I’ll be lucky.

In the meantime, I’m trying to relax and take it easy with The Chef who I believe you’ve now met…